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World class resources

The BSO ClinicStudents at the British School of Osteopathy have access to the best osteopathic teaching and clinical resources in the UK including:

Europe's largest osteopathic library

The British School of Osteopathy has the largest osteopathic library in Europe. We have over 10,000 books and constantly monitor and replenish stock to ensure the most up-to-date and relevant collection of osteopathic resources, investing over £20,000 a year to achieve this goal.

The library also houses a large collection of books related to other medical and health sciences such as:

  • Medical ethics
  • Practitioner-patient relations
  • Professional education
  • Research methods and statistics
  • Sociology of medicine
  • Specialist areas of osteopathy such as paediatrics
  • Specialist medical areas such as immunology and sports medicine
  • Rare editions of important historical works

What our students say

"Will and James (the librarians) are incredibly helpful. There are enough copies of core texts to go round and I usually find the book I'm looking for. During my final year, being able to work in the library really helped improve my work and concentration."

Interactive learning

BSO students have access to our virtual learning environment (VLE) – BONE - utilising the open source software Moodle. BONE contains lecture notes and other resources that make osteopathic training more flexible for our students.

Audio-visual suite

Training to be an osteopath is practical as well as academic. As technique classes play such a key role in training, our students have the opportunity to film themselves in practice in order to perfect their manual therapy techniques. We have a full audio-visual suite and video library for students to use.