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Fee Status

Determination of Tuition Fee Status for Higher Education Courses

The British School of Osteopathy is responsible for the determination of an applicant’s fee status for the purpose of paying tuition fees. We assess your fee status based on UK Government legislation.

There are currently 11 categories of people who can pay the home/EU fee for a Higher Education course in England. If a student meets the criteria, the School must charge the home/EU fee. In order to be eligible in a category, students must meet all the criteria required by that category, including any residence requirement. Students who do not meet the criteria will be charged the overseas fee.

For further guidance, please contact the UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA) and refer to the following website:

All students will be required to complete a fee assessment form to determine their fee status, i.e. their eligibility to be charged home/EU or overseas fees. Students must provide documentary evidence to support their assessment and this will be used to determine fee status and the amount of the fee charged.

Fee Status Assessment Form word

Please download the above form, complete and return it to us via e-mail along with black and white copies of the personal details page of your current passport, visas and stamps and any other relevant documents to help us assess your fee status.

All new international students starting a course at the BSO are required to pay a deposit of £1,000. All students are expected to pay the deposit prior to creating a CAS (Confirmation for Acceptance of Studies) with UK Visas and Immigration; this is to enable students to apply for a visa.