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Keeping in touch with the BSO

Our small size means that all our students know each other and form close friendships and communities that are life-long. When you study at the BSO, everyone around you has a common goal and profession, so as a school we are as interested in our alumni as our current students.

We are in touch with many of our previous students - through research projects, CPD study, postgraduate courses, fundraising events or even as osteopathic lecturers. To keep you updated about all of these activities, it's important that we can reach you.

One way that many of our alumni have chosen to keep in touch with our work is via Facebook - our page has over 600 people following it and they benefit from news and information as it happens. Do search for the British School of Osteopathy page and 'like' us, if you want to keep in touch this way.

We are also on Twitter as 'OfficialBSO', tweeting the latest news on research, courses and campaigns.

If you're interested in CPD or postgraduate courses and conferences (and special offers/discounts), it is also a good idea to sign up to our email database. Click here for a sign up form - and be assured that we will never share this database with anyone else.

Our fundraising team have a database of our alumni, so that they can be invited to events, and keep in touch with the school through newsletters. If you'd like to join this database, please Nina Waters, Corporate Services Director.

We find that our alumni are often the ambassadors for the profession - patients or friends who see what you do and want to know more about a career in osteopathy. If you find that this situation comes up a lot for you, click to let us know - we can send you copies of our prospectus leaflets and posters for your reception area, and tell you about our work experience programme where school pupils can spend some time observing and helping out at the BSO.

Finally, after four or five years of study at the BSO, we continue support to our graduating students with a mentoring year. Chris Thomas, Osteopathic Lecturer and 4th Year POS Leader, leads our mentoring programme for graduates. He runs targeted technique classes and moderates an online forum where new alumni can exchange ideas and problems.