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Associates Clinic

Appointments at our Associates Clinic are delivered by qualified BSO graduates who are registered with the General Osteopathic Council, and are open to patients with a wide variety of conditions.

Because you will be seen by qualified rather than student osteopaths, our appointment fees are higher than for our other clinics, and concessionary and community partner fees are not available.

Appointments are also shorter as supervision is not required. Initial consultations last approximately 45 minutes including a full case history, and subsequent appointment last approximately 30 minutes.

Clinic times: Monday - Friday, 17:45 - 20:15, and Saturday, 08:30 - 12:30
Appointment fee: £40

Associate Osteopaths

Find out more about our Clinic Associates below including their specialist interests and their style of treatment. You can nominate a specific osteopath if you wish when you make an appointmentbut this is not compulsory.

Lucy Anderson - Mondays and Thursdays

Photo of Lucy Anderson.Lucy graduated from the British School of Osteopathy with Distinction and is registered with the General Osteopathic Council.

A former professional dancer, Lucy trained at the Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance and performed both classical and contemporary repertoire for 6 years. During this time she completed her Pilates instructor qualification with Body Control Pilates and has been teaching for nearly 10 years. Through this background Lucy has developed a keen interest in injury prevention and rehabilitation, a good eye for movement and alignment and genuine fascination in the human body. She is passionate about an active lifestyle and believes that movement is central to good health and pain management.

Lucy adopts a structural, holistic approach to treatment using a wide variety of osteopathic techniques including soft tissue massage, articulation and joint manipulation. She enjoys treating patients of all ages and walks of life and has a particular interest in chronic aches and pains, stress management, dance and sporting injuries and shoulder pain. She is an advocate of mindfulness and this influences her approach to Osteopathy.

Lucy is fully insured and first aid certified.

Edward Bateman - Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays

After experiencing the benefits of osteopathy first hand from a back injury, Edward packed in the corporate life and gained his Masters in Osteopathy from the BSO.

During his time at the BSO Edward completed an ITEC Diploma in Sports Massage and qualified as a Level 3 Pilates instructor. These additional skills create a comprehensive treatment and rehabilitation program for his patients, aiding them in their recovery.

Edward is a structural osteopath who incorporates elements of manipulation, muscle energy, soft tissue, strain counter strain and visceral techniques when appropriate. He is interested in office workers and associated work stress issues, postural demands placed on the body, long term chronic degenerative conditions, and how movement and exercise can be beneficial to help individuals in their return to health.

James Birkett - Wednesdays and Saturdays

Registration number: 8988

James came to osteopathy following a long history of working in the health and social care industry, having previously studied Medicine at Kings College London and subsequently working within social care in the fields of Mental Health and Homelessness.

He graduated from the BSO with a Master’s degree in Osteopathy, where he developed a treatment style using~elements of both structural and visceral osteopathic approaches. He has also undertaken further training in pelvic assessment, taping techniques for osteopaths and Still Technique, a treatment which is based on the original techniques used by A T Still, the founder of osteopathy.

James has also undertaken a post-graduate course in medical acupuncture (also known as dry needling) which is an adaptation of traditional Chinese acupuncture based on western understanding of anatomy, physiology and pathology. James finds this to be particularly effective for managing both acute and chronic pain, especially when used in conjunction with osteopathic treatment.

Matt Brabner - Mondays and Thursdays

Photo of Matt Brabner.Registration number: 8993

Matt graduated from the British School of Osteopathy with distinction after a long and successful career in the travel industry.

Matt’s own experience of the effects that commuting, stress and a sedentary lifestyle can have on the body led him to pursue a career as an osteopath, and he now loves utilising his naturally positive, calm and empathetic approach to help others.

Matt has experience of working with patients with both acute and longer-term pain and enjoys working in collaboration with them to find a bespoke treatment that works.

As a keen runner, he also has a particularly well-grounded appreciation of the effects that sport has on the body and can help with a wide range of sports related injuries and rehabilitation.

Jo Christophe - Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays

Jo gained her Masters degree from the British School of Osteopathy where she acquired a high level of knowledge and understanding of the body along with invaluable experience treating patients from all modalities. 

Already a qualified therapeutic massage therapist (since 1997), Jo has always maintained a keen interest in health, fitness and wellbeing, training daily at her local gym for the last 20 years. Running an average 40 kilometres per week Jo regularly enjoys swimming, yoga and surfing. Jo appreciates an athlete’s needs and has first-hand knowledge of the stresses and demands exercise and sport places on the body as well as the implications of injury. This gives Jo an in depth knowledge and understanding of the mechanics of the body helping her expertly treat and plan rehabilitation programmes and provide advice to anyone at any level of fitness from the office worker to the professional athlete. Jo utilises her experience in sporting activities, massage and osteopathic technique to successfully support and help anyone experiencing pain and bring them back to health.

Employing a general approach to her practice Jo enjoys attaining effective results by identifying a patient’s individual expectations, and devising treatment accordingly. She is currently working alongside a physiotherapist in West London in addition to running her own practice.

Joseph Duff - Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays

Photo of Joseph Duff.Registration number: 9040


Joseph first experienced the power of manual therapy while volunteering in Delhi, India, in 2004.  He was working with physiotherapists providing therapy for disabled children and was inspired to gain the skills to treat patients himself. After completing his B.Sc. at University College Dublin and several years teaching, Joseph moved to London to study osteopathy.


During his second year of studies at the British School of Osteopathy, he embarked upon an additional Diploma in Sports Massage and has utilised this training to further enhance his osteopathic care.


Now qualified in osteopathy, sports massage and medical acupuncture, Joseph also employs a broad range of gentle but effective techniques including visceral mobilisation, Still technique and advanced spinal manipulation to ensure the best possible outcome for his patients.


Joseph loves the gym, yoga and running and believes that movement is at the core of health and happiness. In addition to injury recovery and prevention he is also passionate about HIV care and mental health. He hopes to use osteopathy to greatly improve the quality of life, mental health and wellbeing of people living with chronic illnesses, such as HIV.

Ruth Haskew - Tuesdays and Saturdays

Ruth qualified with a Masters degree from the British School of Osteopathy in 2016. Originally working in education and the charity sector, Ruth retrained to pursue her long held interest in the moving body and health care. Her interest originated in her teenage years spent training and competing nationally in Tae Kwon Do, where osteopathy greatly aided her performance and injury recovery. Ruth currently practices pilates, yoga and Capoeira, a Brazilian dance/martial art. She divides her work between London and Suffolk.

Before qualifying as an osteopath, Ruth has worked with patients from all walks of life as a sports massage therapist; working both in clinic and on endurance cycling and running events since 2012.

As a part of her osteopathic training, Ruth worked in the British School of Osteopathy clinic for two years. During this time she worked with many specialist patient groups including expectant mothers, patients with HIV/AIDS, children/adolescents, NHS patients, homeless people and also chronic pain patients using a mindfulness and acceptance based approach. Ruth has a particular interest in working with pregnant women and people with age-related aches and pains.

Ruth aims to give patients a clear understanding of their problem, and to work collaboratively to create a plan for self care. Patients are likely to receive bespoke advice and exercises addition to any hands on treatment. Ruth can also utilise medical acupuncture as a part of her treatment.

Ruth is registered with the General Osteopathic Council and is a member of the Institute of Osteopathy.

Andrew Hoskins – Tuesdays and Saturdays

Andrew chose to become an osteopath as it is a varied career path with continued learning opportunities and offers a chance to make a real difference to people’s lives. He worked in the travel industry for 11 years and has a passion for kitesurfing and squash.

He is a structural osteopath and uses a variety of techniques including functional and visceral ones where appropriate. Andrew will soon be completing further training in cranial osteopathy and in treating babies and children.

Andrew is trained in sports massage and is currently completing a course to become an APPI Pilates instructor.

Sheena McLennan – Wednesdays and Thursdays

Sheena works with patients to develop a treatment and management plan that fits into their life, whether this means a prescription of recommended exercises, stress management or a workspace evaluation. She is also interested in using Pilates-style exercises for rehabilitation and practises mindfulness to achieve long-lasting pain relief for her patients. Other interests include treating patients with sports injuries and treating pregnant women.

Danny Miller - Mondays & Wednesdays

Danny started his career in finance, spending 17 years in the City of London, working both on the LIFFE trading floor, then in a senior sales role with a European bank. With his passion for learning and interest in how the human body operates, he undertook a career change from finance to osteopathy, which involved both part-time and full-time study over a period of 6 years.

Danny graduated from the British School of Osteopathy with a Masters in Osteopathy and is also a qualified sports massage therapist. He is fully registered with the General Osteopathic Council and is a member of the Institute of Osteopathy.

With first-hand experience of working for long hours in an office environment, Danny is very aware of the challenges that can arise when periods of daily inactivity are combined with intense exercise. He continues to be a keen follower of rugby and keeping fit, largely through outdoor circuit training and gym work.

Danny strongly believes that osteopathic treatment can benefit people of all ages and backgrounds, whatever the underlying issues. He is trained to examine and treat using a variety of methods from sports massage to osteopathy and also has a keen interest in how nutrition impacts the human body.

Caroline Lovett - Tuesdays and Thursdays

Registration number: 9078

Caroline completed a 5 year Masters in Osteopathy at the BSO and during this time also completed the ITEC Diploma in sports massage. She also practices in the Camberley area.

She is a structural osteopath and incorporates manipulation, soft tissue, muscle energy and visceral techniques.  Having completed her dissertation on ex-military amputees she is interested in the musculoskeletal changes and adaptations that occur with injuries and chronic postural adaptations.

Caroline first became interested in osteopathy after seeing the transformation osteopathy made in her then 11 week old son. A long serving Army Reservist officer Caroline has always been interested in fitness, particularly running and skiing and more recently cycling.

David Wells - Mondays & Wednesdays

David decided on a career change from the building industry and graduated from the British School of Osteopathy.

He is a structural osteopath who enjoys treating all ages with a varied approach from gentle stretching techniques to deeper soft tissue work and gentle joint mobilisation through to direct joint manipulation.

He is particularly interested in acute and chronic back pain, sports injuries and how nutrition and exercise can be beneficial to help individuals back to health.

David is passionate about osteopathy and its role in promoting health and overall wellbeing and believes that osteopathy is ideally placed to help individual’s specific needs with the aim to enhance the patients’ capacity to perform the activities that are meaningful for them.

Gaby White - Tuesdays and Thursdays

Registration number: 9139

After a long career as a ski instructor, traveling winter-to-winter following the snow, Gaby was inspired to retrain as an Osteopath following her recovery from a neck injury. Returning to London Gaby trained British School of Osteopathy and graduated with distinction.

Gaby is experienced helping patients of all ages with an assortment of conditions ranging from lower back pain to shoulder pain, and headaches. She employs a variety of techniques catering to each patient, taking into consideration their injury, lifestyle and expectations.

Daniela Witten - Tuesdays and Thursdays

Daniela has experience of working with diverse range of patients from expectant mothers and children to older adults and those living with life-limiting conditions. She is dedicated to improving her patient’s health, whether it is through reassurance, explanation, osteopathic manual therapy and/or therapeutic massage.

She is fully registered with the General Osteopathic Council, a Member of the Sports Massage Association (MSMA); and holds a current DBS Enhanced Check.

In 2012 Daniela commenced a four year full-time integrated Masters Degree in Osteopathy at the British School of Osteopathy. During the summer of her first year she completed and passed ITEC Level 3 Sports Massage Diploma allowing her to work as Sports Massage therapist alongside her studies. In June 2016 she graduated with Masters in Osteopathy (M.Ost).

Daniela has a wealth of experience through her work within the British School of Osteopathy clinics and privately as a sports massage therapist. She has also volunteered at North London Hospice providing holistic massage to individuals with terminal illness.

Outside of work Daniela plays competitive tennis and enjoys being outdoors, whether it is going for walk, gardening or cycling in nearby parkland. She also recently started running, and has weekly training sessions with pro triathlete Lucy Charles.