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General clinic and facilities

To book an appointment at our teaching clinic call 020 7089 5360

In 2008 we moved to a new clinical centre in Southwark. It is the largest osteopathic clinic in Europe, and offers a fully accessible, ground floor location and 34 modern, air conditioned treatment rooms. We worked with designers to ensure that the facilities offered within the clinical centre were absolutely tailored to the needs of osteopaths and their patients.

Our General Clinic runs from the clinical centre Monday to Friday, during office hours. Osteopathic treatment is provided by student osteopaths in their third and fourth years of study, although students in other years may observe.

Each student osteopath works with a small team of clinic tutors. Our clinic tutors provide supervision and ensure that diagnosis and treatment is safe and effective for patients. Our tutors represent some of the most experienced osteopaths in the UK, with specialist knowledge as well as osteopathic experience that they bring to their work.

As well as our General Clinic, on different days we offer some specialist clinics for particular patient groups. These clinics include services for:

  • Children and babies
  • Pregnant women
  • People with sports injuries
  • People with HIV/AIDS

We also run a Demonstration Clinic on Fridays, offering observed treatment by one of our Clinic Tutors.

Our clinical centre is accessibly located in central London. For information on how to find the clinical centre please click here.

We also run several off site Community Clinics.