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Work experience at the BSO

If you are aged 14-18 and are interested in a future career either as an osteopath or in any of the supporting roles that it takes to make a school like the BSO run, we can offer work experience of either 5 or 10 days. 

If you are interested please contact:

Tee-J de Nobrega, HR Assistant. or call on 0207 089 5308

What our previous work experience people say:

“I got to work with different departments, go to a few events and experience what Osteopathy is like! Every day I would do something different. The departments I got to work with were marketing and events, fundraising and ICT, as well as going to the BSO clinic and working with the staff at the reception which was quite challenging but fun! Also, I got to go to the “City of London Academy” and introduce Osteopathy to students, which was a great experience since I got to meet some of the people studying Osteopathy and see what it’s like for them to be on this course. I had a great chance to actually see a 4th year student (who is studying Osteopathy) treat one of the staff members of BSO which gave me an idea of what Osteopathy is like and how everything works. Last of all, I helped at an event where applicants came from different colleges/sixth forms for an interview or evaluation and it really inspired me because I got to take part and observe the students.

Being here and working with different people has really inspired me. It’s given me confidence as well as communication skills, and it was a great life experience. Osteopathy is something I’m really thinking about taking in the future and this has helped me experience the different opportunities in health care”.

Karolina Zukauskaite
14 years old

“My work experience at the British School of Osteopathy has enabled me to get an insight into the work of the marketing and communications department. I was given a variety of tasks which have really helped develop my writing skills and ability to interact with new people. The first task was collecting and finding out contact details for local sports clubs who might be interested in the BSO's sports clinic. Once I had found these, I was shown how to create a contact list, write a sales email and build an email marketing campaign. Lauren, who took care of me whilst I was here, showed me the social networking platforms for the British School of Osteopathy. I have also learned how to use a website content management system to update and create new web pages. I thoroughly enjoyed learning about the British School of Osteopathy during my time here”. 

Alex Lambe
A-Level student

What our members of staff say:

"Whenever we have work experience students in they often have a refreshing point of view on the tasks that I give to them. It's really helpful for me to give them tasks that I am struggling to complete due to more pressing issues but that could really help with my job, and I think a young person can gain a fantastic insight into the world of work".

Sarah McLaughlin
Marketing and Events Officer

“Having work experience students on our team has been useful for all those involved. For the students, it gives them a valuable insight into the inner workings of a busy clinic and the many factors one has to consider when managing the high expectations of both our patients and our students. For our team members it has been very helpful to introduce a fresh perspective on how to deliver the best possible patient service.”

Cormac O'Dalaigh
Reception Manager